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LED lamps and accessories for every need

They are not all the same

Ria World Italia, specializing primarily in automotive lighting, differs from most European competitors because in addition to supplying the product, it is able to assist the customer in the installation.

Headlight kits are very popular on the market, but due to the sophisticated electronics of the new cars they create some problems in 80% of the installations such as: flash, sudden shutdowns, signaling to the check control, in addition to the difficulty of inserting kit on the headlight and external dust cover.
Ria World Italia has designed some products to overcome these problems and/or deceive the original control units of the cars: these are Canbus and Electronic Canceller as well as rubber adapters and headphones.
Please note that these electronic components have been designed specifically for our Headlight kits, in case they are used on competitors kits can create problems to cars electronic components.

We allow ourselves to write this because the Headlight kits are sold on many internet sites as well as by various traders or pseudo-importers without experience. Many times we are contacted by workshops and private individuals who buy these products mostly attracted by low prices, but they can't make them work perfectly and they don't have a contact person to turn to.

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