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LED lamps and accessories for every need

Led - Smd - Cob

Types of LEDs for various uses, adaptable to modify incandescent and iodine lamps.

Lower consumption and longer duration with light emission 5000-6000-8000 Kelvin.

Also available in colors: white, blue, red, yellow.

We have a wide range with and without can bus, unipolar and bipolar.

LED: Light Emitting Diode
LEDs are devices that emit light without passing through a small electric current infrared and ultraviolet, lighting immediately.
SMD: Surface Mounting Device
The SMD components are mounted directly on the printed circuit boards without the need for them to be drilled, and are designed to have the small footprint and possible weight.
COB: Chip on board
are multiple LED chips (usually nine or more) soldered directly to a substrate by the manufacturer to form a module one.
Led - Smd - Cob Ria World Italia Led - Smd - Cob Ria World Italia Led - Smd - Cob Ria World Italia
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