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LED lamps and accessories for every need

Headlight Kit

True innovation in the field of cars, trucks, motorcycles and various other vehicles lighting, the Headlight kits have an exceptional yield, more powerful than the Xenon kits. Their new technology has brought them, in addition to the high lighting power, also to a cut of light on the road like the normal standard lamps. The color is ice white, with the possibility, on some models, to vary the shade of Kelvin degrees: 3000K, 6500K, 8000K.
Various types are available with fan or radiator cooling, in the whole range of bases such as: H1, H3, H4, H7, HIR2, H15, HB1, HB3, HB4, HB5, H27-880, H27-881, P13, PS24, PSX24, PSX26, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, H16, D1, D2.

In addition to the Headlight kits, our technical staff has designed Canbus and Canceller, in order to be able to cancel any interference or change in consumption that can cause anomalies in the check of the car. We also have adapters to connect the kit to the headlight and rubber dust caps.

We would like to clarify that Ria World Italia, in addition to testing all the models offered for sale, follows its customers suggesting the product to install or explaining how to intervene in case of problems that can be caused by the sophisticated electronics of the new cars.

New Headlight kit for lenticular headlights

The normal Headlight kits when installed on the lenticular headlights can create shadows, as well as not having a good yield of light on the ground, while in the normal parabolic headlights they develop all their power.
The geometry of the light beam that is created in a lenticular lamp is different from that of a normal parabolic lamp. The beam of light created by normal Headlights is destroyed and its yield on the ground loses about 65%.
The generic Headlight kits installed on the lenticular, develop a light on the ground almost comparable to an incandescent lamp of the H7, H11 type, etc... the new CREE LENS Headlight kit, specific for lenticular, develops to earth all its Lumen power.
Headlight Kit Ria World Italia Headlight Kit Ria World Italia
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