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LED lamps and accessories for every need

Canbus and Canceller

These products are used exclusively in case of need, that is when the car creates interference problems and/or flash-lights or light on the check control.


It is a new-concept electronic resistor that serves to increase current consumption when a LED is installed, so as not to have signals to the car's control unit.
Ria World Italia has different types, adaptable to the various connectors for H7, H4, H1, H8, H9, H11, H13, HB3, HB4 in 12V and 24V etc.


It is an electronic device that stabilizes the current, filtering it and keeping it constant, to eliminate various anomalies such as switching off lights, flashing or flickering of the LEDs or xenon.

Products designed by Ria World Italia Srl

Canbus and Canceller Ria World Italia Canbus and Canceller Ria World Italia
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